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Dave and John gave themselves a movie so bad that they needed help to figure it out so they invited friend/comedian Chris Clem to help.  We watched Celtic Pride, a movie that seems like it was shot in 1985, but really came out closer to the infamous Space Jam.  This movie hates basketball, and it probably hates you. But on a fun note it was written by Judd Apatow and Colin Quinn and features baby Jeff Ross.  But don't be fooled, these facts do nothing to change the fact that this movie hates you.


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Dave and John have just watched a really good movie, and it has Dave struggling to find things to say other than "Watch it!"  This historically accurate (for the most part) chronicle of the 1984 Men's olympic hockey team is engaging and inspiring. And none of the players complain that they play for team USA and not the ducks.

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An IMDB poster complained that in Bull Durham there wasn't enough focus on the minor league players.  So we though we would correct that and watch what we now know to be the worst movie we've covered so far.  We dig through the ditches, burn through the witches and slam in the back of Scott Bacula, with Major League: Back to the Minors, a movie in which people know each other for no reason, and nothing good happens at all.

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It was only a matter of time.  Dave and John needed to take on an Air Bud movie.  So we did.  It wasn't as bad as we thought, but for different reasons than we originally thought.  So watch and be amazed by a movie where middle school basketball is king, the police don't exist and the rule books are CHECKED.  Enjoy Air Bud

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DAVE AND JOHN ARE BACK!  We know you are excited.  The Hiatus is over and we are back to watching sports movies!  We picked a classic (at the time because it was going to coincide with the world series, but now it is lining up perfectly with spring training!   Great Work!  We have a lot of good things to say about this episode's movie, Bull Durham

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Dave and John take a look at the silly but pleasant Football/Labor Strife movie The Replacements.  We enjoy Gene Hackman's chuckle a lot, his hat a little less, and his consistent use of the word "wirey" not at all.  Watch Keanu Reeves in a part he was born to play.  Enjoy this episode, The Replacements.


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Dave and John wax on and wax off, we also strike first, strike hard, and show no mercy.  We also sweep the leg.  And every other cliche, because we watched the original, 1984's The Karate Kid

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A love letter to Austin in the aughts, we get roller derby fever.  Despite the presence of Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore, we enjoyed Whip It!

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Dave and John are back, and we bring you good tidings as well as a good movie. We are no longer killing you, smalls, as we watched, The Sandlot


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The bar has been set.  This is the worst movie we've ever watched.  Period.  Offensive, rude and worst off, not funny.



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Dave and John enjoy the football, and feel uncomfortable about the lying in this 90s movie that didnt actually get made until the early 2000's.  We watched Bend it Like Beckham!

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To celebrate our one year anniversary we take a full length look at the entire movie D2: The Mighty Ducks which was the movie that started it all and inspired our podcast from the beginning.  If you have a copy of the movie we suggest you sync it up in the beggining and watch along with us!


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Will Ferrel is a force of pure hilarious fury in this delightful Figure Skating movie.  Solid laughs throughout without a lot of common sports movie hang ups.  We enjoyed Blades of Glory

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Gene Hackman leads a small town team to a fundamentally sound, bounce pass-filled victory in this wonderful basketball movie.  A true classic, that outside of some synth drumming truly stands the test of time.


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Episode 15, Varsity Blues

We're back with a super fun football movie that you may have seen.  So sit back, do some underage drinking and prepare your whipped cream bikini zones for Dawson in Varsity Blues!  This guy's got it so rough, we guarantee that you DONT WANT HIS LIFE.


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We celebrate the World Cup with some International Footy of our own.  Michael Caine, and a bunch of people you'd expect to see in a soccer movie, and Sylvester Stallone make up the cast of the fine film, Victory.

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We take a break from the schlock and bring you a great movie, and a favorite of both of ours.  Lets relive the 40s through the eyes of the 90s with Gina Davis and Tom Hanks.  It's A League of Their Own!


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Episode 9, Rocky IV

Whether you're an American, a Soviet, or a robot butler, you'll find yourself happy to listen to Dave and John talk about the sporting cinema classic Rocky IV.

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This week we were joined by Craig from Waiting For Next Year to discuss the Michael Stanley of football movies.  We take actual ingtriuge about the NFL Draft, add a strange love story, some family issues and about 1850 phone calls, sprinkle one "hilaroius" intern, and what do you get?  Draft Day


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Rodney Dangerfield does not deserve respect for his actions in this terrible terrible soccer movie from the early 90s.  Not even the kid from seaquest can save this one, we watched Ladybugs.

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Michael Jordan, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and an inexplicable sexy rabbit...It can't be anything but Space Jam

So sit back, Jam, and Slam and Cram and Blam to this week's feature.  It is bad...really bad.


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You can quote it endlessly, you've seen it a thousand times and you probably love it.  And for good reason, Caddyshack is hilariously funny...but that doesnt mean it makes any sense.  And hey, We're all gonna get laid.


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Time to ladle out a big bowl of the worst Jambalaya you've ever tasted and enjoy Any Given Sunday! Or rather, to enjoy us talking about it. 


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Episode 3, Cool Runnings


Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it's podcast time...COOL RUNNINGS!  that's the movie we watched, in the spirit of the olympics.  So give a listen and learn a thing or two.


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Episode 2, Major League

Dave and John take a look at a classic baseball movie, Major League.  As Clevelanders this movie holds a special place in our hearts as the best moment in recent Cleveland sports history is the end of this movie.  This movie also posed quite a challenge, as it is actually, genuinely a good movie.

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Episode 1, D2: The Mighty Ducks

For the first episode of Anything to Add, Monty:  The Sporting Cinema Podcast we watched D2: The Mighty Ducks.  Yes is a bad movie, but it is in fact a movie we love.  We obviously have a lot to say about it.

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